Photography 101: Mystery

The Mysterious Path Life is a path with a beginning and an end. Around each bend in that path you’ll encounter mystery and choice. Plan as you may, the journey you intend as you start down the path, May be far different from the journey you finish.

Photography 101: Warmth

“Drawing With Light” Photography is all about the light. No matter the subject, light is what makes a photograph. By using light you can create warmth.  I rely on is the sun. The sun and the way its light warms the landscape during the Golden Hours at the beginning and end of each day. Light… Read More

Photography 101: Experiment With Composition.

Landscape or Portrait~ Experiments in Composition When you’re out photographing, especially if your photographing a popular and often photographed location, try experimenting with composition. I different point of view can mean the difference between just another photo like all the rest, or a truly unique image.