Love, Hate, and Long Exposure.

My love/hate relationship with long exposure photography. What I love is that when the conditions are right the resulting images can be quite striking. Silky smooth water, windblown clouds creating dramatic streaks of color across the sky, all good stuff that requires long exposure times to capture. But, and here’s the rub, I hate the… Read More

Passion or Profit?

Do you photograph what you love or what will sell? A fairly simple question, but for those of us hoping of one day living the dream and becoming full time professional photographers, it’s a question that might not be so easy to answer. From the moment I sold my first print a thought occurred to… Read More

Portrait, Landscape, Both?

When out photographing landscapes have you ever wondered, “when is a good time to try a vertical composition?” The answer:  Immediately after photographing the scene horizontally of course! Personally I find that in a scene like this the vertical composition adds more depth to the photograph. Which is also why so many of my waterfall… Read More