Lest Her Gaze Befall You.

Journey with caution weary traveler. For it is All Hallows Eve and a witch is about.  Stay to the road and avoid the woods, being ever mindful of the sun. When the shadows lengthen as dusk draws near, it is wise to seek shelter for the evening. The night belongs to her. Should you find… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways.

The best time to compose a landscape photograph vertically… …is immediately after your horizontal composition of course. Since this weeks challenge is inspired by my latest article for the WordPress Photography 101 series, this is definitely one I couldn’t miss. So here are a few of my landscape images. Same place, same day, shot both horizontally… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

What have I got to be thankful for? Where do I start? My wonderful wife, who supports me in every way, and is extremely supportive of my efforts to further my photography. Who never, okay, mostly never, complains when I disappear for days on end in pursuit of my next photograph. She truly is my better… Read More