Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Geometry. Angle, Line, Architecture.  My first thoughts for this weeks theme, buildings, bridges, and other man-made structures. Not the usual focus of my photography, but from time to time I will include the man-made. Enjoy this gallery of my take on geometry.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

SOL-I-TARY:  1) taken, passed, or performed without companions. 2) occurring singly and not as part of a group or cluster. Often, but not always, my best work is created while I’m alone. While I enjoy the company of others, I find that solitude is much more beneficial to my creative process. I’m not saying these images represent… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Straight out of “Landscape Photography 101.” Now here’s a theme I can sink my teeth into. A strong foreground element starts your visual journey into the photograph, with the main subject in the distance, the destination. Summer Warmth. (from my favorite water-lily hot spot)   Winters Cold Embrace. (I was particularly drawn to the apparent… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

Wrong, really?  I usually don’t keep photos that I consider “wrong”. But after a little digging I found a few that I felt had some “wrongness” to them, but were otherwise worth saving. Everything I wanted, and then some. I broke one of the basic “rules” of photography while capturing the power of the Spring-time… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Friendship. I’ve met some of the nicest people because of my camera, some have become very close friends. Whenever I get together with any of these people I’m sure of two things, I’m going to learn something, and I’m going to have fun! It’s never a dull moment with this crowd, that’s for sure. First… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Snake Eyes. I’ve always thought snakes were really cool. Especially their eyes, with that unblinking stare, and the colors and patterns of their skin. Many of them possess  an iridescent quality to their skin that in the right light is beautiful. As a boy growing up in Connecticut, boys being boys, my friends and I were always… Read More