Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

Mother Nature’s Masterpiece. As I allude to in this post, I put a lot of effort into my photographs. Most important, being in the right place at the right time. The rest is all up to Mother Nature and the masterpiece she has created for me.  I’m just a witness with a camera.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

Redstone. The Redstone Quarry in the village of Redstone, (part of the town if North Conway, NH) has long since been abandoned. Though it’s machinery lives on in my imagination. Every time I visit this wonderful historic site, hidden deep in the woods, I marvel at the machinery, primitive by today’s standards, used to bring… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Bailey. Dear sweet lovable Bailey. Without question the smartest dog I’ve known. From bringing a box of tissues upon hearing “Achoo!,” to turning on the lights when asked, you were an amazing member of the family. Equally at home cuddling on the couch, as in the woods searching for ruffed grouse, you were as affectionate… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

“Warning, Ice Fall Danger.” From my last trip into Tuckerman Ravine, this sign should get your attention! However, the graphics on this sign, which I missed in the pre-dawn darkness at the base of the trail, made me laugh. Levity aside, the danger is very real. The giant block of blue ice in this photo,… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Patterns

Patterned In Green. I eagerly await the arrival of the false hellebore every Spring. This extremely toxic plant, with its deeply patterned leaves, is one of my favorite plants to photograph. Patterned In Ice. On my way home from a winter photo shoot I took a route I seldom travel. I’m very glad I did.… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

I spent a lot of time “Up” this past weekend.  First I spent some time looking “Up”-stream at one of my favorite waterfalls. That’s Bridal Veil Falls at Castle In The Clouds peeking out from between the walls of the gorge. Then I spent a bit of time on my knees looking “Up” at the… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Some of the most dramatic “Changes” take place in nature. Here’s one. From the striped, almost clumsy appearance of the caterpillar, to the fluttering gossamer wings of the Monarch butterfly.                                         

Eight Weeks In.

The Weekly Photo Challenge Theme: Forward. This weeks theme actually has me looking back and Forward. Again I’m participating in the Lens Pro To Go 52 Week Photo Project. This week we’ll have completed Week 8, the theme being “Coffee.” So here I’m looking back on the first 8 weeks images, and looking Forward to… Read More