Water Water Everywhere.

One of my favorite things to photograph… …Is water, moving water in particular. And one key to getting the look I’m after in any moving water image is a long exposure. It’s that long exposure that gives the water that silky smooth, etherial look that many, myself included, find so appealing. To achieve that soft,… Read More

Nice Legs!

All Three Of Them. – At night, even if I wasn’t trying to capture the movement of the water fountain, I’d need a long exposure for this scene due to the low light. That means tripod –  If you want consistently sharp, well composed photos, buy a tripod. I don’t care how advanced the image stabilization… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Today? The weekly challenge theme this week is “Today.” What am I going to do with that? What to photograph on a rainy day in New Hampshire? Too wet for any outdoor shooting, what do I have lying around just waiting to be photographed? I’ve been eyeing the vase full of peacock feathers I keep… Read More