One Last Glance

Mid Stream, Mid Leap, By The Light Of The Moon With time to kill one evening this past week, I stopped by a small stream near where I work to capture a few long exposures of fallen leaves swirling on the water’s surface. Two of my favorites from my experiments with leaves, water, and time,… Read More

Embracing The “Hand Of Man” In Your Nature And Landscape Photography

Nature and nothing but, doesn’t always make the best image. With few exceptions, I try to avoid anything man-made in my nature and landscape photographs. I want the natural beauty of the scene to be the star of the show, without the distraction of mans handy-work. Since I live in New England and man has… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

Distorted, and then some. Here are a few, all taken on the same day, on the same small section of stream. A special thanks to Rochelle, for the updated title / caption of the last image. Hers was much better than mine.