Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Good times in Tuckerman Ravine. There is a very high threshold that would need to be met when it comes to weather I’d consider too extreme to venture out with my camera. Though honestly, if I think there’s a photograph to be made I don’t think there is weather too extreme. And even when the weather… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Weather Gamblers Anonymous “Hi, my name is Jeff, and I’m addicted to gambling.” I gamble on the weather. A lot. When it comes to landscape photography, the more dramatic the weather the better. And my “habit” is to gamble that I’ll get the shot I want before the weather closes in. To me there is… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

I spent a lot of time “Up” this past weekend.  First I spent some time looking “Up”-stream at one of my favorite waterfalls. That’s Bridal Veil Falls at Castle In The Clouds peeking out from between the walls of the gorge. Then I spent a bit of time on my knees looking “Up” at the… Read More