A Frozen Waterfall Photo Tour.

Join me Saturday, February 23rd, for a day long photo tour of some of New Hampshire’s most spectacular, and frozen, waterfalls during the time when they’re dressed in their winter finest.

Plan on a full day of ice and snow covered waterfalls in beautiful mountain settings. While not an in-depth instructional workshop, throughout the day as we visit several of my favorite waterfalls I’ll be sharing tips on long exposure, composition, as well as getting correct exposure in the snow.

There will be light to moderate hiking over snow covered trails throughout the day. There is also likely to be some icy areas as well, so caution is advised.

What’s Included.

A full days tour of several of northern New Hampshire’s wonderful waterfalls where I’ll share tips and techniques for capturing amazing winter waterfall images.

What’s Not.

Meals (we’ll be stopping mid-day for lunch), lodging (if needed), and transportation. Carpooling among participants is strongly encouraged as parking can be limited due to snow.

What to Bring.

~ Warm Clothing with additional layers. Some of the waterfalls will require a short hike and you’ll need to be able to adjust your clothing layers so as not to overheat and sweat.

~ Warm footwear with good traction. Once we’re at each location you’ll need footwear that will keep your feet warm. Warm feet make for happy photographers.

~ Traction aids. THIS IS MANDATORY! The approach to each waterfall will have varying amounts of snow and ice. I use and highly recommend Kahtoola MICROspikes. Participants MUST have some form of traction aids in order to participate. Please note: those slip on traction aids that use small coils of wire or tiny spikes will NOT be sufficient or acceptable. You will not be allowed to participate if you do not have proper traction/footwear. There will be a mandatory gear check with NO refunds for anyone who shows up without the proper gear.

~ Camera and lenses, as well as plenty of spare batteries. Cold weather drastically reduces the life of your camera battery, be sure to bring at least one(two would be better) spare.

~ Chemical hand warmers. These are great for keeping hands, feet, and even your spare batteries warm.


~ A thermos of hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate is a great way to fight off a chill as we drive from one location to the next.

~ Trekking poles. Though we won’t be hiking over steep to technical terrain, for those who aren’t as sure-footed as they’d like, a pair of trekking poles is a great aid in stability.

Waterfalls on Ice Tuition.

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