Waterfalls Everywhere. 

The White Mountains of New Hampshire are home to some of the most spectacular waterfalls you’ll find anywhere. The best part is that there are so many concentrated in such a relatively small area. Historically, over the course of my 2-day waterfall workshops it’s not uncommon to be able to photograph as many as a dozen unique waterfalls.

During the workshop I share some of my favorite tips and tricks for capturing beautiful waterfall photographs.


Tips such as;

~Using shutter speed and ISO to achieve just the right amount of motion blur on the water.

~Effective use of circular polarizer and neutral density filters.

~Getting wet to give your compositions a unique perspective.

~How to use the angle of the sun and shaded side of mountains to give you nice even lighting when not lucky enough to have my preferred weather conditions for photographing waterfalls, overcast days(even better with a light rain).

Majestic Fall, Crystal Cascade, Pinkham Notch, NH

Suggested Gear List. 

Sturdy Tripod ~ Mandatory, don’t leave home without it. We’ll be using long exposure times where hand holding, even with image stabilization, won’t be possible.

Circular Polarizing Lens Filter ~ Not required, but highly recommend for its ability to increase saturation, reduce or remove reflections on wet or shiny surfaces, as well as reducing up to 1.5 stops of light, allowing for longer exposure times.

Neutral Density Filters ~ Various darkness, or densities, to allow for long exposure when the light is brighter.

Small Camp Towel and Micro Fiber Cloth ~ The towel comes in handy for blotting rain drops or water slashes from your camera. The micro fiber cloth will come in handy for taking care of the unavoidable drops and splashes when photographing close to the waterfall.

Water Shoes ~ As long as it’s safe to do so I frequently will wade into the stream to photograph. Fast drying shoes with excellent traction on wet rocks come in extremely handy for this. Two of my favorites are the Vasque Lotic and the LaSportiva TX2. Both stick like glue on wet rocks, though sadly the Lotic has been discontinued and getting harder to find.

Please visit the Workshop Terms and Conditions page before signing up.

Cost ~ $275 per person. Limit to 8 people. Better hurry, there are only 3 spots left!

White Mountain Waterfalls ~ Deposit


White Mountain Waterfalls ~ Balance Due


White Mountain Waterfalls